la pennys catering

La Pennys Catering

My name is Penny and I would like to introduce to you my exciting catering business “La Penny’s Catering”.

Many people know me by my hairdressing business "Crop It", nestled in the Northern Beaches seaside village of Freshwater, however I have always been passionate about good food and wine which inspired me to start “La Penny’s Catering”.

I am dedicated to sourcing the freshest produce to create a gastronomical experience to the senses in an uncomplicated way.

I am of the belief that good eating is the way to a healthy body and weight and source foods that are grown locally and are "in season" to achieve the optimum in nutrition and flavour.

Using only the freshest produce, including organic by request, “La Penny’s” caters for large and small functions, including weddings, engagements, dinner parties, cocktail parties, buffet dinners, in fact we cater for all of life’s special occasions.

I also provide expertise in suggesting and providing wines to suit your menu, taste and budget.

Why not think about bringing “La Penny’s” into your kitchen as on request I can also arrange either one-on-one or group cooking classes in your own home.

My menus are extensive with a wonderful variety of choices, including vegetarian, seafood, Greek, Moroccan and Italian. In fact I can assist you in selecting any type of menu that suits your needs, producing an outstanding personalised menu that will also be keen on the budget, but will have that "extra" something that makes your event memorable. We also cater for any special dietary needs and allergies.

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